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Synchronized Dynamics

Our skillset which will help you achieve your web presence goals includes:

  • Web Enablement: CGI, Perl, Java, Java Servlets
  • Web Design: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML
  • Database Solutions: Oracle, Sybase, SQL, mSQL
  • Web Hosting (including CGI, ASP, Servlets, and Domino)
  • High-speed/Dedicated Internet Connections (xDSL)
Web Enablement

Your clients require more from you today than simple HTML pages. They demand true interactivity and that means taking your existing applications and putting them up on the World Wide Web. Sometimes, your existing application utilizes a database. The application that accesses the database need not be changed, but the valuable data in the database must be extended to the web. This process is often referred to as database integration.

The professionals at Synchronized Dynamics are highly experienced in web enabling applications. A sample of our web enablement/database integration projects is the website. We worked with Romantic Times Magazine, Barnes and Noble and Tumble Interactive Media to create an online community for romance readers. The site features some 7,000 book reviews, all of which are linked to for online purchase.

Do you need a big server, capable of serving hundreds of thousands of hits per day? Or do you require a small server that needs to be reliable, fast and scalable to meet your growing needs? No matter what you're looking for, Synchronized Dynamics has a web hosting solution that is right for you.

We use reliable and redundant equipment, from reputable names like IBM, 3Com, Cisco and Dell. We use a mix of Linux, NT, Apache, Netscape and IIS to meet your individual needs. We are capable of hosting CGI, ASP, Java, JSP, PHP and Domino applications. And we can host Oracle, Sybase, and MySQL databases. Included in all of our standard offerings are daily reports from WebTrends, showing valuable information about your web traffic.

Every second of every day, companies rely on us to host their mission critical web sites. So can you. For more information or a detailed proposal, contact us at